We offer promotional labels
with effects.


  • Front and back

    Front and back side printing: More space for your informations.

  • Intermixed

    Gains and rivets, mix or fundraising support, e.g. Jersey numbers for a raffle.

  • Thermo colour

    It becomes transparent or the color changes when the temperature changes.

  • Fluorescendental colours

    Afterglow in the dark.

  • Grind colours

    Concealed the information, which only can be seen by rubbing off the paint.

  • Peel off

    A special coating allows an easy removal of the label.

  • Numbered

    Numbering as sweepstakes or as appreciation.

  • Shining varnish

    Imparts a pearly sheen that varies depending on the light.

  • Hot foil stamping

    Metallic colours in highest gloss and brilliance.

  • Fluorine varnish

    Fluorescence which appears under black light (bar, disco, etc.).

  • Perforation

    For separating profitable relevant labels parts.

  • Blind embossing

    Reliefs in the label.

  • Bored labels

    Label opens a specialized view.

  • Flavoured labels

    Slightly matt paint releases fragrances by friction (eg, tobacco, coffee, fruits, spices, plants, etc.).