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Peel-Off, now available for IML labels

Engelhardt is long established as a supplier of paper IML labels for the packaging market. After the last major innovation (metallised IML paper labels for margarine packaging, for use on both tub and lid), Engelhardt is proud to announce the launch of another new innovation.

The conventional paper IML labels fuse with the polypropylene during injection moulding, and offer excellent adhesion to the pack they are decorating. In the past, consumers were unable to detach the paper from the polypropylene.

Engelhardt’s development department has now successfully modified the back of the paper IML labels so that the labels can be removed again after injection moulding. The Peel-Off coating applied to the reverse ensures both good adhesion and easy peeling.  According to the technologists, a Peel-Off coating can be regarded just like a zip fastener in terms of how it works.

This development can be exploited for marketing as the reverse of the label can be used as an advertising and information surface. It is ideal for recipes or promotional campaigns, such as our lottery numbering which was applied using the inkjet method. The thickness of the plastic walls can be adapted according to the paper weight to achieve the necessary rigidity. Thus the proportion of the packaging made from fossil carbon (polypropylene) can be reduced in favour of renewable cellulose. The ability to separate the paper label from the plastic container is also interesting with respect to recycling and the associated charges.

An application based on this development will be presented by the companies Arburg, Uniplast and Müller at this year’s Fakuma from 14 - 18 October in Friedrichshafen (Hall A3, Arburg stand 3101).  A card label was selected as the backing for the Peel-Off coating. This is formed into a cup with a minimal wall thickness.  This packaging has several advantages over conventionally produced cups:

  • Stable IML card label creates high wall rigidity
  • Smaller percentage of PP, so reduced carbon footprint
  • Excellent recycling properties due to separation of PP and Card
  • Reverse of label is used as an advertising surface

We will be pleased to talk to you in person if you have any questions, suggestions or your own specific ideas for this new product. 

Source: Press release from Müller for Fakuma trade fair, October 2014