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“Augsburger Allgemeine” newspaper, Wednesday 28 November 2012

“A new generation of labelling”

By Ronald Hummel

Engelhardt printing machine costing 4.5 million euros prints plastic labels in Nördlingen.

It can do everything which normal printing machines can do, the new Heidelberg XL106 which is just being installed in No.2 works of the label print works in Hofer Straße in Nördlingen. But Plant Manager Christian Martsch says that an advantage which the printing plant has is opening further doors in a world market which is steadily growing: plastic labels.

(…) It is no wonder that this technology is advancing, as department head Josef Stelzle explains. Via international corporations, business has already been done in Europe and worldwide and it has been possible to win major shares of the market. Two new external sales representatives have been specially recruited to handle Southern Europe and South America. And the new technology is bringing greater efficiency to Engelhardt itself: for the first time in Germany the punching out of the labels is integrated into the operating sequence of the printing machine itself, which saves a big step in the production process. The rotary punches ensure a much greater degree of precision: the punching plant can be adjusted exactly to within 1/5,000th of a millimetre.

So, Engelhardt tells us, complicated shapes can be stamped out/punched which fit exactly the design of the cup. And the individually printed sheets are used more efficiently in that more items can be processed together and thus avoiding a lot of waste. (….)

You will find the whole article here: http://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/noerdlingen/Neue-Generation-der-Etikettierung-id22949761.html